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To receive life and death education, live a dignified life, die a dignified death.

Society for Life and Death Education

Dear friends, Welcome to the website of the Society for Life and Death Education. Our Society was officially established in December 2006. Our mission is to promote life and death education to the general public and to healthcare professionals. In this respect, we endeavor to foster growth. We invite you to use this website as a common ground for sharing and learning from one another.

Dr. Vincent Tse

Founding Chairman, Society for Life and Death Education


Vision and Mission:

The Society for Life and Death Education is a non-profit education and service organization founded by healthcare professionals, lecturers, social workers and religious figures in 2006. The Society embraces a mission to promote life and death universal education in Hong Kong.


This learning enhances community’s understanding of the concept of living and dying, pondering life with a positive perspective on death, and exploring how the finite human bodies can bring into play boundless values of life. The knowledge also helps develop a holistic life view and life-and-death wisdom, paving the way for coping with challenges in life.

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