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About Society for Life and Death Education

The Society for Life and Death Education is a charitable and non-profit organization, founded by healthcare professionals, lecturers, social workers and religious figures in 2006.


Help break through the taboo on discussing death, affirm life's values, accept the inevitable truth of death, embrace our mortality, and live out life's meaning;

Our Logo


All things follow a sequence, Four seasons have a pattern; Ocean tides rise and fall, Nature withers and burgeons. Amid ceaseless circulation, Change unfolds a frequent motion, Growth persists in the universe, Blossom adheres to creation.


Humans are part of nature, hence conforming to the inevitable order of living and dying. Death is a journey’s end as well as a beginning; explore death for the sake of living out the meaning of life.When death mirrors the spirit of life, and when life refers to death, human living becomes complete.


The setting of the sun bears no implication of an end; essentially, it proclaims a process of profound care.We no longer fear death when we realize dying is part of living, when we live out life’s meaning and when we embrace an abundant life.

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