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常在我心 You are Always in My Heart

佛家有「愛別離之苦」,愛得愈深,別離愈苦;所以親人總希望用種種方法,安慰臨終的摯愛,甚至勉強延長生命,以表孝心。可惜事與願違,「自以為是」的關懷往往適得其反,卻讓我們錯過最後珍貴相聚的時刻。 You are Always in My Heart. Sometimes, love hurts if we cannot let go when our beloved one is at end of the life. What to do is something we need to learn.

24/11/2018 (星期六 Saturday)

講者 Speakers 盧惠銓牧師 Rev. LO Wai Chuen (香港醫院院牧事工聯會總幹事)

伍桂麟先生Mr. Pasu NG (香港中文大學生物醫學學院防腐師)

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